Quality data on demand

Now that your data is aligned with the Btwentyfour standard, this is how you put it to work.

For each brand you connect with, you create your own personal streams of information. Data streams are individual lines of information ranging from PRICAT to INVOICE.

We understand that every business relationship is unique, so you only pay for the configuration of messages you use with each brand.


How it works is simple.

Step 1 Choosing your data category

You choose which type of data you want to have. Products, Marketing, Logistics, Finance.
By choosing the category, you are able to access different types of data messages.

Step 2 Pick your data messages

Within these different DATA categories there will be different data messages.

This is where you get to pick the different messages that are relevant for doing business with brands.

Your channels and streams are now live on one easy to use platform.

Unlock the power of your data.

Our team is ready to support you in becoming data driven.

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