Your Data Portal

The Btwentyfour portal is a centralised platform that allows for quick and easy access to a brand’s product data. An easy to use platform that allows you to receive and share information through digitised channels. You are in complete control of the channels you want and the information you want to collect.

The Portal has 2 major benefits for retailers.

  1. A business tool

    Enabling you to find new brands who are already setup on the Btwentyfour network.
Turning the finding and setting up of new business relationships, from months into minutes.
    (Think of it as the Linkedin for commerce).

  2. On demand access to your existing brands

    By connecting to the Btwentyfour platform, you can make your existing relationships data driven.

Search for relations

You can search for the brands you want to connect to, setting up a superhighway between your businesses.

Relation Request

Much like LinkedIn, you can request to connect with new brands.

Unlock the power of your data.

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