Your Data Portal

Once you have your data cloud, we need to give it a home; a centralised platform that allows for quick and easy access. An easy to use portal that allows for full control of your data and allows you to share information through channels.

Channels are like communication links you have with different partners and this is where you get to connect with them. 

Your data is what gets shared through these channels, making them communication superhighways.

Setting up channels means Btwentyfour business partners can easily connect. It also allows you to reach more customers and connect with new business.

This is what we call, ‘One To All’ and here is how it works…

1. Search for relations

You can search for retailers you want to connect to and share your data with.
Setting up a superhighway for direct business.

2. Relation Request

Much like LinkedIn, you can request to connect with new contacts or businesses.

3. Build Groups

Groups are useful when you need to be able to share the same data to multiple retailers.

Your channels and streams are now live on one easy to use platform.