Setting up your data.

Firstly we focus on the DATA and getting it into an easily accessible form. We do this by cleaning and organising your data into a Btwentyfour standard. A consistent data gold-standard, eliminating any human errors and ensuring the data throughout your company is consistent. Turning it into a ‘data language’, which a global supply chain can easily understand.

This stage is made up of 3 main parts:

Step 1 Insert your data

This puts your data template in the cloud and on the portal. It’s up, it’s live! … almost.

Step 2 Data cleaning

This is where we go through your data and clean it, picking out any errors or inconsistencies. (If there are problems with the data this is where we point it out.)

Step 3 Data translation

Any data we find that isn’t clean or understandable comes here for translation. It is translated to the Btwentyfour standard, which is easily readable and consistently understood by hundreds of different HQ retailers around the globe.

And now we… ‘Go Live!’

With your data set up, it’s time to put it to work.