Do you want to have a direct impact on the success of our products? Do you want to ensure that everything we release is of the highest quality? Then continue reading below! We are looking for a QA Engineer to join our magnificent QA team.

Open commerce for the open minded

At Btwentyfour we help companies to build their business on Open commerce principles, from factory to consumer using best-in-class products within one network infrastructure. Through us they can connect, store, operate, stream, explore and drive their business toward sustainable growth and profitability.

Since our inception in 2000, buyers and sellers have gone from local and individual interchange of data with business partners to a situation where they can build an individual but generic retail ecosystem. Simultaneously, our customers can now drive data fulfillment to all types of business partners, enabling interactions with consumers worldwide.


How does the QA team work at Btwentyfour?

When joining our QA team, you will become part of our team characterized by detail-oriented skills, helpfulness, and a shared passion for creating the best possible digital products. You will work with both manual testing and keep on driving our Journey of test automation and have an impact on how and what we test. Here you will be a key part in ensuring that new functionalities are working as expected and that we release the best product possible.

We also hope that you like to work closely with others and value teamwork as highly as we do; here you will be working cross-functionally and in close collaboration with not only your team but developers and product owners as well. And if you also think it’s just as fun learning new things as it is improving and maintaining what is already in place, well get along great!


We are looking for someone with:

  • A few years of experience working with QA.
  • Experience with Robot framework, Selenium, or other automatic testing frameworks.
  • Basic SQL knowledge.


We are a team that values teamwork, knowledge transfer, and where trust is key. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences are our winning combination for delivering the best quality with the end-user in focus.

Other than that, we think that you just like us enjoy an after-work from time to time, or perhaps you enjoy running and will join our group of employees that do that over lunch?

Bonus and nice to have

  • Experience from working in agile methodology.
  • Experience from working collaboratively in a QA team.
  • Experience from working in the retail industry because we work with complicated retail flows for large customers.
  • Good understanding of Git.
  • Self-leadership is important since we work both as a team and individually.
  • Fluent in Swedish.


If this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to send in your application.

Send an email to and we will take it from there. Include a brief description of why you are applying for this job, and a LinkedIn link or an attachment of your CV.