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Seamless online experiences through smooth interaction

The Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform allows sellers and buyers to engage consumers and business partners with seamless online experiences.

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About Btwentyfour

Btwentyfour was founded in 2000 with a vision to drastically simplify the supply chain process for buyers and sellers in product intensive retail markets by providing a common business platform.

That platform is today a “Omnichannel” platform which has gradually evolved out of continuous demands and requirements from the market. Today it holds a complete set of logical and effective business services allowing Buyers and Sellers to engage with business partners and consumers anywhere and create seamless experiences for consumers and partners in their online interaction.

Btwentyfour enables smooth interaction to satisfy your consumers or business partners need of information.

Over the years, the Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform has grown to become a well established solution for the Retail Industry. Thousands of well known international suppliers and retailers are already connected to the platform and use it every day.

Btwentyfour have a local presence in Europe with our head office located in Zug, Switzerland, in Scandinavia with offices in Uppsala, Sweden and Oslo, Norway, in North America with our office New York, US and in Asia with our office in Tianjin, China.

Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform – it’s all about enabling business!

Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform

Efficient and seamless interaction with all of your business partners and consumers

As a buying or selling organization, your ability to electronically communicate and exchange information with your business partners and consumers is probably one of the most crucial processes within your organization. If you haven’t experienced it already, you will soon be facing a situation where the majority of your customers will expect you to share master- and transaction data, images, videos, tutorials etc.. As most companies have their own unique setup or requirements when it comes to business messaging formats, you will be facing great challenges.

The Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform will, however, make things easy for you. It will not only solve the challenge with the diversity in the market but it will also allow you to use it as the source (platform) for all your market related information and objects. Making it possible for your company to act consistently when it comes to your market related appearance in different market channels and devices such as smart phones, surf pads, laptops, e-commerce solutions.

Over the years Btwentyfour has established a global and solid tool supporting the supply- and demand chain process for transaction data in the Retail Industry.

Btwentyfour will transform your local information to become accessible to recipients of your preference in a global perspective.


Basic EDI

Simplicity by using a fully automated exchange of information.

Basic EDI allows you to establish a flexible and fully automated information flow between your system and your different business partners. Using this service make you prepared to meet the challenges that you’ve already faced or soon will be facing within your market.

You connect through a single “master” integration with the Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform and that integration incorporates all information required by your market (business partners and consumers). Btwentyfour will individually adapt electronic business messages, based on your data provided through the integration, in the specific format of your customers. Since only one “master” integration is needed also for business partners all companies connected to Btwentyfour can enjoy the benefits of communicate through one interface to the market.

Electronic Invoicing

Adapt a faster, smarter, and simpler way to invoice your customers

If you have several customers asking for electronic invoices they probably all refers to different formats, suddenly the process of getting paid can quickly become complex and time consuming situation. With the Btwentyfour Electronic Invoicing you simply send all of your customer invoices in one single format, while still meeting the specific requirements of each customer.

Save time and money

Electronic Invoicing quickly converts and delivers electronic invoices to your customers. All you need to do is send one identical format (master file) to Btwentyfour, regardless of the receiving customer requirements, and it will be individually adapted to an electronic invoice in your customer’s preferred format. It’s quick, easy and will save both time and money.

Affordable and effective

In cases that involve major buyer groups, Btwentyfour will commit to cover investments concerning master file adaption in order to meet the requirements of the customer invoice format.

Customer Master Database

Automatize your master data process

Communication and synchronization of product information is, in most cases, a very critical and often highly time-consuming process. Commercial circumstances are often the reason for numerous changes and thereby constant updates of the original master data often come to be a repeating procedure when maintaining the master data. Keeping the master data up to date is a great challenge and often related to several manual processes.

Most companies in product intensive markets spend a considerable amount of time and resources on such processes. Btwentyfour’s Customer Master Database is a service that offer buying companies product master data structured in a database. The service is available with a corresponding tool to access the information together with functionality to utilize the fact that all information is consistently stored in a major database. The Customer Master Database provides an immediate response displaying product master data from a consolidated overview down to the most detailed level of every unique product. All displayed master data is shown in relation to each other including last updates and latest downloads, all deviation is highlighted and shown in details. The fact that you’ll have all your data, regardless if you have downloaded it or not, stored and structured in a general database gives you great benefits. Due to the immediate overview concerning updates and downloads, the highlighted deviation in details you’ll have the perfect tool optimize your product master data process.

Btwentyfour object storage

Regardless of your role in the supply chain, online presence becomes more and more crucial process in order to be and stay successful in the retail industry today. Among other important areas an effective and rational process for all your media objects such as images, videos, documents, tutorials etc. becomes a strategic necessity for most companies both in order to avoid unnecessary manual administration but also to provide a high level service for your business partners. The Btwentyfour Object storage will substantially reduce your manual administration and make the process smooth and easy both for you and for your partners.


As the host (object owner) you have the possibility to upload all your product related images and documents without exception or reservation to an account that holds a storage capacity of your preference. This account holds and safely stores the objects related to a specific product until you authorize the customer to access these objects by publishing a PRICAT (Price Catalogue) that incorporates the product in question. The unique feature of the service enables you to:

  • Avoid the manual work to set conditions for each one of your partners/customers in order to regulate whether they are authorized to view a specific media object or documents as you probably sometimes have confidential images/documents related to the upcoming season, SMU etc.
  • You simply enable access to the images for your partners/customers (using a token) by including the product and the related object or document references in the published customer PRICAT. By the PRICAT publication the partners/customers are allowed to access the image or document for review or download options for local storage.


As a subscriber you will be able to access and download images of your preference, the service provides you with different options for your download such as:

  • Possibilities to choose specific images or a full range of images
  • Choose from different rendered image/object sizes such as thumbnail, high resolution images etc.
  • Renaming of image/object references such as model+color or GTIN+ model+color etc.

Online Services

Smoother interaction with your customers

As online presence is more or less mandatory for most companies when it comes to managing and refilling purchases, your customers may not be so willing to use multiple solutions and tools.

Btwentyfour Online Services is a subset of tools in the platform that allows all your business partners and consumers to have one point of connection by using the effective and strategic business services offered in the Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform.

Informed and satisfied customers

Being a user of the Btwentyfour Online Services allows you to access information as well as you continuously provide all your customers/suppliers with updated and detailed business information concerning each specific business relation.

Enabled EDI

The fast track to communicating business information

Sometimes, situations arise where you need to instantly fulfill customer requirements and communicate business information – without access to your ERP-system. If you’re unable to do this, you will risk damaging service level agreements and loosing business.

Enabled EDI, a service found in the Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform, allows you to quickly respond to your customer’s requests and communicate business information anytime and anywhere using the service provided by Btwentyfour. Having the Btwentyfour Enabled EDI service allows you to manage this process without access to your ERP-system.

Satisfy customer demands

With Enabled EDI, you’ll be able to fulfill your immediate need to communicate basic high quality business messages such as:

  • Price Catalogue
  • Orders
  • Order response
  • Dispatch Advice
  • Invoices

Retailers EDI

The independent retailers also need to exchange basic information. Btwentyfour have a state-of-the-art EDI-service for Independent Retailers that offers all small to medium size independent retailers the same opportunities that, until now, only has been achievable for major buying groups.

All retailers will have the option to obtain an individual set up of business message types (PRICAT, ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVRPT and INVOIC). The retailers will be able to choose a format of preference as each message type is available in three predefined formats (CSV, EDIfact or XML). The service is especially designed for an easy way to obtain an electronic trade flow and will support and substantially improve the existing purchase process for many independent retailers. Independent Retailers will experience major benefits by using the Retailers EDI due to the fact that the Omnichannel platform already has a majority of the international suppliers already connected, using the services on a day-to-day basis.

Order management

Stay updated and successful

If your sales representatives and/or agents don’t have access to detailed customer business data when they are on the road, they might be missing the information that wins the sale. Btwentyfour Order management gives your sales team full wireless access to customer related data directly through a smartphone, tablets or laptop. By effectively linking your Sales resources and Customer Service, you get a faster flow of information and a more competitive organization.

Quick sales and ordering support

Order management provides all users full access to detailed customer information including:

  • Full order history
  • Product availability
  • Back order situation
  • Incoming goods
  • Track & Trace goods
  • Invoice status
  • Delivery Statistics

When the time comes to place an order the order management also provides powerful order functions including:

  • Order templates
  • Automatic order proposals based on previous sales
  • Quick product search
  • Product matrix
  • Assortment
  • Kit product
  • Warranty handling
  • Delivery stop

Point of Sales

Follow your product’s every move

Keeping track of your deliveries is vital. But if the tracking ends when your products arrive at a retail store, you could be missing out on valuable consumer information.

Point of Sales, a service found in the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform, gives you direct access to structured point of sales information that will help you better manage your inventory, create better forecasts and streamline your sales process.

Improve visibility and planning

With Point of Sales, you get access to structured tracking information that goes far beyond normal logistics tracking. You’ll see exactly how your product moves in and out of your customer’s retail store – information that improves your sales forecasting, production, and replenishment schedules. Point of Sales will also generate standard reports that show you product sales per store or in total (drill up and down functions), as well as graphical reports that are updated daily. Original data from the customer sales report will also be supplied to you as soon as it becomes available.

Automatic Replenishment

Efficient and successful sell-through

Making sure that your most popular products are available in retail stores and not out of stock can take a lot of effort. You need to follow up on sales reports, analyze data and fill out orders – all costing you valuable time and resources.

Automatic Replenishment, a service found in the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform, does the work for you. It refills selected products automatically, as soon as they are sold, and leaves you with more free time, less hassle and the peace of mind in knowing that you’re not missing out on sales.

Sell more with less work

Automatic Replenishment is a powerful service based on actual sales provided by unique sales reports from each individual retail store. It allows you to book replenishment orders with an unlimited number of retail stores every day and lets you:

  • Select the replenishment product range based on general or replenishment price catalogues
  • Create individual or general replenishment rules for retail stores within a buyer group
  • Set replenishment rule names and activation periods (start & stop)
  • Set replenishment rule triggers that generate replenishment orders – choose between certain values or set a combination of triggers such as order value, certain weekday, wait X numbers of days or etc.

Quick and easy updates

Automatic replenishment provides you with the flexibility and functionality to quickly stay updated on the status of your replenishment orders through:

  • Seven days a week, 365 days a year activity
  • Automatic import of replenishment orders in your ERP-system (back-office)
  • Order acknowledgement and purchase orders of replenished products to all customers
  • Weekly reports displaying a summary of replenishment orders per retail store and totals

Auction Service

Efficient handling of closeouts

Closeouts products can end up costing your business a lot more than you think. When you spend time trying to move old and unattractive products, you are often stealing valuable time and sales resources from important in-season business.

Auction Service is a service found in the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform that allows you to post all closeout products on an auction and selectively direct suitable volumes to your different customers. It is fast, simple, and most importantly, allows you to focus your activities on the sales that are most beneficial to you.

Free-up resources, get the best market price

Using the Btwentyfour Auction Service lets you focus your activities on “good” business while still offering closeout items to some or all of your customers. A controlled bidding process will take place directly in the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform and will help ensure that you get the best possible market price. All auction winners can import product acknowledgement and purchase orders for all purchased products, and will receive detailed information including volumes, bar codes, FEDAS codes, color codes, sizing, size ranges and prices.

Statistics & Reports

Know your position in the market

When setting up new goals and business objectives, success depends on knowing your current market position. Statistics and Reports, a service found within the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform, gives you direct access to information that will support your strategic business decisions and allow you to achieve your goals.

Analyze and Grow

Statistics and Reports service is a powerful tool that allows you to continuously follow and analyze your current market position day-by-day. Monitor product movements analyze the purchase behaviors of the consumer are some of the possibilities when using this service. You will have access to crucial market information that will allow you to respond rapidly and aggressively when it comes to major strategic and financial decisions in your organization.


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Important information The Nordic Excel template is expiring

From the 1st of November 2016 the Nordic Excel PRICAT template will no longer be in use nor supported by the Btwentyfour systems. We kindly ask all affected Btwentyfour clients to switch to our EURO-template before the effective date stated above.

All suppliers can easily download a previously published Nordic PRICAT in the EURO-template by clicking “List PRICATs (Enabled/Basic EDI)” in the main menu, choosing the requested file and then click “Get Euro Excel”.

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