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What we do

Your ability to electronically communicate and exchange information with your business partners and consumers might be one of the most crucial processes within your organization. Many companies experience a growing demand from their customers to interact more efficiently and exchange information throughout shared business processes. 

Our Platform

Efficient and seamless interaction with all of your business partners and consumers

As a buying or selling organization, your ability to electronically communicate and exchange information with your business partners and consumers is probably one of the most crucial processes within your organization. If you haven’t experienced it already, you will soon be facing a situation where the majority of your customers will expect you to share master- and transaction data, images, videos and tutorials etc.

The Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform will simplify things for you. It will not only solve the challenges caused by market diversity, but it will also consolidate all market related information and objects in one platform. It enables your company to act generically and consistent when it comes to your market related appearance in different information channels and devices such as smart phones, surf pads, laptops and online solutions.

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What We Do

One source of stored information supporting all business models, seamlessly connected with all business partners and customers.


One of the leading international wholesale networks within the Retail world, supporting both Suppliers and Buyers in their challenge to achieve a digitalized and effective supply chain.


As an onboarding aggregator to numerous marketplaces and partner to the most common front-end tools, we will effectively support your challenge to meet new business opportunities.


Our platform supports numerous partner relations when it comes to consignment programs, we grant access to solid tools allowing you to follow your every product’s move.


Our platform provides features and effective tools for managing Franchise Group concepts and their franchisees.


We facilitate an effective solution for your drop-shipment model – regardless of the challenges you may be facing.


We provide seamless automation for brand owners who would like to control their product appearance and supply chain flow within certain retail-spaces.


Individual or central purchasing processes, our platform provides order management solutions for all commonly used crossdocking models.

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