Sync, share, store harmonized data and media

Manage and control your valuable data. Our state-of-the art solutions are developed to optimize data storage, with full synchronization for a smooth information exchange.

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Sync business data across the entire supply chain

Consolidate all market-related data, information and media securely in one platform through Store.

With access for your entire organization, Store is the most efficient way to get a deep and interconnected understanding of your business data.

This reliant solution can functionally structure complex information – leading to better, more informed and data-driven decisions.

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Flexible Integration

Seamless automation and synchronization

Sync and integrate transaction data streams with existing business systems to create a unified and centralized ecosystem individually adapted to fit your business.

Rich Meta Data

Upload rich media for a better customer experience

Complement product information and simplify your experience by working with rich media formats within a user-friendly interface.


Improve scalability with process automation

Maximize your go-to-market activities with automated processes, explicitly built to handle growth.

Data Warehouse

Store harmonized data to optimize productivity

Optimize your workflow by accessing enriched, harmonized data and detailed transaction information. 

Self-service Onboarding

Secure, fast and efficient fulfillment

Collaborate with partners and unlock new business opportunities by using our simple self-service onboarding.

Connectors & API

Endless connection capabilities

Use pre-built connectors or create your own connection. Link transaction data to any channel or business endpoint

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    One platform for your
    entire retail supply chain.
    Our customers in IT are looking for elegant solutions built to speed up adoption, reduce backlogs and successfully move their organization into a digitally-driven ecosystem.
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    The scalable solution to future-proof your business.
    Today’s leadership roles need solutions that empower them to achieve ambitious business targets and position them as category leaders.
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    Follow your product’s
    every move.
    Operations teams are key to building relationships with customers and partners - they need a reliable solution that offers full product visibility across the entire supply chain.
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    Get insights, collaborate and build your product range.
    Retail buyers experience seasonal hectic periods and require tools that lead to high performance across global markets.
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    Drive sales and build relationships on a
    global scale.
    Gaining new customers and keeping existing relationships in good standing requires tools that offer a holistic view of all customer interactions.
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