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Enabled Business Service

Enabled Business Service

The fast-track to communicating business information

Sometimes, situations arise when you need to instantly fulfill customer requirements and communicate business information – without having access to your ERP-system. If you are unable to do this, you will risk damaging service level agreements and losing business. 

Our Enabled Business Service allows access to our User interface where it is possible to quickly respond to customer’s requests and communicate business information anytime and anywhereHaving the Btwentyfour Enabled Business Service service allows you to totally manage this process without access to your ERP-system. 

Satisfy customer demands

With Enabled Business Service, you’ll be able to fulfill your immediate needs to communicate basic high quality business messages such as: 

Price Catalogues


Order responses

Dispatch Advices



Sign up by entering your business information in the form below. Shortly thereafter you will receive an administrator account for the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform to become a member of the Btwentyfour Business Network. With the administrator account you can subscribe, create and control user accounts, configure and manage your company information and profile.

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