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Customer Master Database

Automatize your master data process

Communication and synchronization of product information is, in most cases, a critical and oftehighly time-consuming process. Often commercial circumstances lead to numerous changes, thus a constant requirement to update and manage correct master data will be a repeating procedure when maintaining the master data. 

By using our service Customer Master Database you will keep your master data up to date and avoid the great challenge with manual processes when managing Master data.

Most companies in product intensive markets spend a considerable amount of time and resources on such processes. Btwentyfour’s Customer Master Database is a service that offer buying companies product master data structured in a database. 

The service is available with a corresponding tool to access the information together with functionality to utilize the fact that all information is consistently stored in a major database. The Customer Master Database provides an immediate response displaying product master data from a consolidated overview down to the most detailed level of every unique product.

All displayed master data is shown in relation to each other including last updates and latest downloads, all deviation is highlighted and shown in detail. The fact that all your data, regardless of if you have downloaded it or not, stored and structured in a general database offers great benefits.

Due to the immediate overview concerning updates and downloads, the highlighted deviation in details you will have the perfect tool optimize your product master data process.


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