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Btwentyfour object storage

Btwentyfour object storage

The Btwentyfour Object storage will substantially reduce your manual administration

Regardless of your role in the supply chain, online presence will gradually increase your challenges as you need to have solid process for media sharing in order to be – and stay – successful in the retail industry today. Like other important areas, media is no exception, there will always be a need for effective and rational procedures for all media objects such as images, videos, documents, tutorials etc. 

Capabilities to effectively manage media to customers becomes a strategic necessity for most companies both to avoid unnecessary manual administration but also to provide a high level service for your business partners. 

By using our service for Object Storage, it will substantially reduce your manual administration and make the process smooth and easy both for you and for your partners. 


As the host (object owner) you have the possibility to upload all your product related images and documents without exception or reservationYou will have access to an account holding your objects stored and you may set your preferred capacity of storage needed. This account holds and safely stores the objects related to a specific product until you authorize the customer get access, the customer access is triggered by your PRICAT (Price Catalogue) publication covering the products in question.

The unique feature of the service enables you to: 

Avoid the manual work to set conditions for each one of your partners/customers in order to regulate whether they are authorized to view a specific media object or documents as you probably sometimes have confidential images/documents related to the upcoming season, SMU etc.

You simply enable access to the images for partners/customers (using a token) by including the product and the related object or document references in the published customer PRICAT.

By the PRICAT publication the partners/customers are allowed to access the image or document for review or download options for local storage. 


As a subscriber you will be able to access and download images of your preference, the service provides you with different options for your download such as:

Possibilities to choose specific images or a full range of images

Choose from different rendered image/object sizes such as thumbnail, high resolution images etc.

Renaming of image/object references such as model+color or GTIN+ model+color etc.


Sign up by entering your business information in the form below and you will shortly receive an administrator account for the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform and become a member of the Btwentyfour Business Network. With the administrator account you will be able to subscribe and configure services and manage your company information and profile, as well as create user accounts for your company. 

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