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Basic Business Service

Simplicity by using a fully automated exchange of information.

Basic Business Service allows you to establish a flexible and fully automated information flow between your system and your different business partners via our platform. The service supports your needs to meet the challenges and trends of the evolving market.

You connect through a single “master” integration with the Btwentyfour Omnichannel platform (file or API), and such integration incorporates all information required by your market (business partners and consumers). Btwentyfour will individually adapt electronic business messages, based on your data provided through the integration, in the specific format of your customers. Since only one “master” integration is needed also for business partners all companies connected to Btwentyfour can enjoy the benefits of communication through one interface to the market. 


Sign up by entering your business information in the form below. Shortly thereafter you will receive an administrator account for the Btwentyfour Omnichannel Platform to become a member of the Btwentyfour Business Network. With the administrator account you can subscribe, create and control user accounts, configure and manage your company information and profile.

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