Statistics and Reports

Know your position in the market

When setting up new goals and business objectives, success depends on knowing your current market position.

Statistics and Reports, a service found within the Btwentyfour Business Community, gives you direct access to information that will support your strategic business decisions and allow you to achieve your goals.

Analyze and grow

Statistics and Reports service is a powerful tool that allows you to continuously follow and analyze your current market position day-by-day. When using this service, you will have access to crucial market information that will allow you to respond rapidly and aggressively when it comes to major strategic and financial decisions in your organization.

Business Community Services

You’ll find all these services in the Btwentyfour Business Community, the only complete buyer and seller solution for electronic trade flows in the Retail Industry. Thousands of international suppliers and purchasers are already connected to the community and use it every day. Discover our range of effective services that will provide you with a single face to your industry.