Point of Sales

Follow your product’s every move

Keeping track of your deliveries is vital. But if the tracking ends when your products arrive at a retail store, you could be missing out on valuable consumer information.

Point of Sales, a service found in the Btwentyfour Business Community, gives you direct access to structured point of sales information that will help you better manage your inventory, create better forecasts and streamline your sales process.

Improve visibility and planning

With Point of Sales, you get access to structured tracking information that goes far beyond normal logistics tracking. You’ll see exactly how your product moves in and out of your customer’s retail store – information that improves your sales forecasting, production, and replenishment schedules. Point of Sales will also generate standard reports that show you product sales per store or in total (drill up and down functions), as well as graphical reports that are updated daily. Original data from the customer sales report will also be supplied to you as soon as it becomes available.