Online Services

Smoother interaction with your customers

As webshops and e-commerce tools become the industry standard for managing and refilling purchases, your customers may not be so willing to use multiple solutions and tools.

Btwentyfour Online Services is a single business platform that allows your customers to find all of their strategic suppliers and related products in a single, organized and easy to use web portal. Customers can use it to replenish products and to cover all future supplier relations.

Informed and satisfied customers

By using Btwentyfour Online Services, you can continuously provide your customers with updated and detailed business information concerning your specific business relations.

Online Services contains many functions and opportunities including:

  • Single login access to present suppliers

  • Product availability

  • Full order history

  • Backorder overview

  • Incoming goods

  • Powerful order functions

  • Track & Trace goods

  • Invoice status

  • Delivery Statistics

  • Catalogue functions for images, marketing info, specifications and more.