Electronic Invoicing

A faster, smarter, and simpler way to invoice

If you have many different customers demanding many different invoicing formats, the process of getting paid can quickly become complex and time consuming.

With Electronic Invoicing, a service found in the Btwentyfour Business Community, you can send all of your customer invoices in a single format, while still meeting the specific requirements of each customer.

Save time and money

Electronic Invoicing quickly converts and delivers electronic invoices to your purchasers. All you need to do is send one identical format (master file) to Btwentyfour, regardless of the receiving customer requirements, and it will be individually adapted to an electronic invoice in your customer’s preferred format. It’s quick, easy and will save you both time and money.


Affordable and effective

In cases that involve major buyer groups, Btwentyfour will commit to cover investments concerning master file adaption in order to meet the requirements of the customer invoice format.