Basic EDI

Obtain a single face to the industry

Today, electronic communication with the market and customers is one of the most crucial processes for all selling and buying companies. However, most companies have their own unique setup or requirements when it comes to business messaging formats.

With Basic EDI a service found in the Btwentyfour Business Community, you can obtain a single face to the industry and communicate your business information to the market regardless of the specific requirements of each customer.

Communicate more effectively

Basic EDI allows you to establish a flexible and effective EDI-flow with different customers and helps you to meet the challenges that you’ve already faced or will soon be facing within your market.

It works by creating a single master integration with the Btwentyfour Business Community that incorporates all information required by the market (customers). Btwentyfour will then individually adapt electronic business messages, based on the ”master” integration, in the specific format of your customers. Since only one ”master” integration is needed, all companies can enjoy the benefits of communicating via Btwentyfour. (See illustration below)

The service includes the handling of pricat, forecasts, orders, order confirmations, dispatch advice, inventory report, sales report and control messages.


In situations involving major buyer groups, Btwentyfour will commit to cover investments concerning master file adaption in order to meet the format requirements of the customer.