Auction Service

Efficient handling of closeouts

Closeouts products can end up costing your business a lot more than you think. When you spend time trying to move old and unattractive products, you are often stealing valuable time and sales resources from important in-season business.

Auction Service is a service found in the Btwentyfour Business Community that allows you to post all closeout products on an auction community and selectively direct suitable volumes to your different customers. It is fast, simple, and most importantly, allows you to focus your activities on the sales that are most beneficial to you.

Free-up resources, get the best market price

Using the Btwentyfour Auction Service lets you focus your activities on “good” business while still offering closeout items to some or all of your customers. A controlled bidding process will take place directly on the community and will help ensure that you get the best possible market price.

All auction winners can import product acknowledgement and purchase orders for all purchased products, and will receive detailed information including volumes, bar codes, FEDAS codes, color codes, sizing, size ranges and prices.